"I applaud this low fi homage to Poe for getting a lot of bang for its buck. Much is done with camera trickery and simple suggestion and the strong performances throughout make you forget about how cheap this was made for. Many of Poe’s stories have similar themes, but this one mashes up many of Poe’s greatest into one really satisfying package. Recommended to low budget horror fans everywhere!" 

                                                           AIN'T IT COOL NEWS

“The filmmakers were willing to take chances with provided material, it made for a more engaging and terrifying experience. Tales of Poe pulls no punches in its tribute to the master.

                                                                  UPCOMING DISCS

"What is so cool about this movie is that it was created by two minds with just the words of Edgar Allan Poe. The stories are so vast and different from each other. If you are a fan of Poe’s, then this film will not disappoint.If you are seeking your next anthology fix, look nevermore! TALES OF POE is a must see."            POP HORROR


"Aside from being great campy fun, the common element of these three shorts illustrate the timeless nature of the titular stories. Feelings of guilt and manifestations from the darkest corners of our psyche are as prevalent today as they were in the 19th century.”                                                                                                                                                                                        UNREAL TV


"...a welcomed horror film for this decade and hopefully will lead the way for more quality modern Poe adaptations. Whether you're a fan of Edgar Allan Poe or indie horror or both there's a lot to like about TALES OF POE. Recommended!”       

                                                           CELLULOID TERROR


"A deliciously bold adaptation of three of Poe's classic works" 

                                                                             MOVIE PILOT


As a horror fan, it’s virtually impossible to dislike Tales of Poe.” 

                                                           BROKE HORROR FAN


Wild Eye Releasing brings us a DVD that is simply worth the time to pick it up. Poe's wonderful stories come to life and can be seen for your viewing pleasure on October 11th, 2016. This is simply a must have for your personal library. The quality of the DVD is excellent and the sights and sounds are right on. This is an enjoyable adventure into one of man's greatest minds. So sit back some fall evening and enjoy horror at its classical best.”     THE BULL PEN


“I had known about Tales of Poe for quite a while and have patiently waited for the final product to arrive, and arrived it has! This is one of those cases where it was well worth the wait because Bart Mastronardi and Alan Rowe Kelly, with their cast and crew, have delivered an entertaining horror anthology that’s a finely tuned machine and well orchestrated – a rarity for real indie film. This is impressive indie filmmaking right here! This horror anthology is an indie gem that Edgar Allan Poe himself would be extremely proud of. Tales of Poe is now available on DVD and is definitely worth checking out.                                                                       ALIEN BEE


"Tales of Poe," an anthology film that features Edgar Allan Poe's "The Tell Tale Heart," "Cask of Amontillado" and "Dreams" in their full Gothic glory. Truth be told, I wasn't expecting much from "Tales of Poe," and was a surprised by how well it works despite its budget limitations. Clearly a labor of love, in a slightly twisted sense, that will appease the literate gorehounds.”

                                                                          KUTV - Salt Lake City

“The true selling point of Kelly & Mastronardi’s film is the tone. Tales of Poe is a fantastic return to the gothic notes of the early Roger Corman’s Poe adaptations, yet brought into the modern age with a fresh-feeling script, some superb camerawork, and outlandish imagery, including colour schemes (Dario Argento would be proud of), and special effects which help push each story forward. And like all good horror the gore – whilst VERY effective – is used sparingly and to dramatic effect, without ever feeling like a replacement, or worse crutch, for an incomplete script.”


Tales of Poe did a nice job taking the classics and turning them into something fresh and different! The writers were successful in making the tales their own, while still retaining elements that make the stories so familiar.”

                                                  THE SLAUGHTERED BIRD

TALES OF POE is that rare horror anthology that actually keeps our attention. It is actually the perfect film to have the classic tales turned on their head.”

                                                                                     UNSEEN FILMS

“The perversely delightful TALES OF POE is brilliantly rendered by all involved and serves as an excellent primer for any contemporary viewer unfamiliar with Poe. Dark, mesmerizing, sometimes intoxicatingly nightmarish, it’s absolutely top drawer indy filmmaking which I believe many devotees of the original author will find irresistible.”

                                                 HK AND CULT FILM NEWS

“There’s a lot of horror fun to be found in this compilation. For lovers of Poe it’s one to enjoy whilst safely savoring a freshly retrieved Amontillado.”

                                                              UK HORROR SCENE

The directing duo created a superb horror anthology in Tales of Poe, using a “think outside the box” formula in delivering a rich Horror viewing experience. Presented are rich visual effects and creative camera work. Raw emotions come to life with an unconventional filmmaking approach."

                                                                DECAY MAGAZINE

Tales of Poe is an impassioned love letter to Edgar Allan Poe clearly made by devotees of his macabre prose. This piece is a showcase of technical talent behind the camera. Fans of Poe will get it and revel in the reimagining of his work.”

                                                                       HORROR BUZZ

TALES OF POE  manages to pull off the difficult trick of providing out and out bloody horror alongside a thoughtful and wryly humorous take on three of the master storyteller’s works. Surprising in its artistry and intensity, Tales of Poe serves up an intoxicating feast of nightmares…”

                                                               FLICKERING MYTH

“I highly recommend TALES OF POE based on the hallucinogenic delights… it is really top shelf as well…all in all just a truly excellent arcane anthology, and well worth your time!”

                                    THE OUTRE EYE OF DANIEL XIII

“If you’re a fan of Edgar Allan Poe’s dominant, recurrent themes, Tales of Poe is definitely worth your time and investment. The writing, acting, and practical effects all live up to the master’s vision.”

                                                       GRUESOME MAGAZINE

“A wonderful anthology for horror fans to enjoy and revel in and after viewing TALES OF POE, people will be pulling Edgar Allan Poe books off their shelves and paying overdue visits to the Master of the Macabre.…a lingering and visual style that fuses Argento, David Lynch, and Terrence Malick.”

                                            THE INDIE HORROR REVIEW

“Atmospheric music, intriguing set design,and stunning makeup, Tales of Poe is an enthusiastic interpretation of three very different chapters in Poe’s writing career. CrypticRock gives this movie 4 out of 5 stars

                                                                     CRYPTIC ROCK

“If you don't fancy picking up an Edgar Allan Poe book and seeing how well crafted his work is you couldn't do any better then picking up this film and immersing yourself in the world of TALES OF POE.”

                                     HORRORSCREAMS VIDEOVAULT

“Though the Vincent Price movies of the early 1960s were terrific and fun, "Tales of Poe" presents a more literary treatment of these three works.  Fans of Edgar Allan Poe will not feel betrayed. It’s a superb anthology for us horror lovers.”

                                                                     ZISI EMPORIUM

Tales of Poe was a brilliant explosion to all the senses! It was Alice in Wonderland meets Edgar Allan Poe with a dash of Tarantino. A solid gift of a film by masters of their craft.”                                                                             MALEVOLENT MAGAZINE 

I was 100% on the edge of my seat. A mixture of terror, beauty, fantastic storytelling and amazing performances.  Great, great work on an outstanding and highly artistic level.”                                                                                                              HACKED IN THE HEAD

TALES OF POE is probably one of the most visually beautiful indie films I’ve had the pleasure of seeing. The acting superb, the visuals striking and the score mesmerizing. A visual treat. One of the best renditions of Edgar Allan Poe that you have ever seen.”                                                            NIGHTMARISH CONJURINGS                                                                                                                          

“Visually mesmerising, beautiful locations. With Argento-esque lighting and cinematography, it looks sumptuous. It has an arthouse feel, a riot of colour and shade, rife with symbolism. TALES OF POE is wonderfully executed and hooks the audience.”                                 RAW REVIEW @ HICKEY’S HOUSE OF HORRORS


"TALES OF POE has a flair for the theatrics in a Grand Guignol sort of way. There are glimpses of early Dario Argento and CREEPSHOW sprinkled throughout. It is suspenseful and striking. The direction and cinematography are so beautiful and each scene feels meticulously constructed."      HORROR UNDERGROUND


" A truly stylized take on Poe’s work and it is just brimming with beauty, elegance and downright horror."    HORRORMOVIES.CA


“TALES OF POE is a wickedly adventurous film that offers more style, passion, and originality than a majority of what is presented in independent cinema - highly stylized and downright stunning to witness. ”                                                             ICONS OF FRIGHT


TALES OF POE is a worthy successor to the Corman/Price films - a haunting and eerie work.”       SAN FRANCISCO WEEKLY /                                                  BAY OF THE LIVING DEAD


“Something very special to the horror genre…both beautiful and horrifying.”                                               HACKED IN THE HEAD


“Intensely creative”                       ANGRY PRINCESS SLASHES


“An absolute MUST see. A gift to fans of the Master works by Poe."                                                                                HORROR NATION


“A classic tale with a contemporary twist - a surreal example of gothic horror. Outstanding performances and a testament to the craft.”                                                 THE DAILY GRINDHOUSE


“Maverick in its accomplishments, Tales of Poe gives this whole outing the organdy visual flair of Corman’s earlier Poe efforts mixed with a dash of Hammer’s (more violent) latter years. The sheen of grizzly humor is grand. Tales of Poe is the perfect example of independent terror filmmaking at its most inventive.” 

                                                                    BIG GAY HORROR FAN 


“Full of visuals ranging from beautiful and lush to nightmare-like to macabre,Tales of Poe is the first great screen adaptation of Edgar Allan Poe this century.”                                                                                                                                          MOREHORROR.COM


Breathtaking in its beauty. One of the best indie horror anthology films that I have ever seen. The best work (so far) of two of the hardest working and talented mofos in independent horror cinema. Takes the work of a master and puts it into the hands of two of the finest modern craftsmen in the field.”

                                          HALLOWEEN FOREVERMORE


“An artistic experience rarely found in horror films, I believe Poe himself would have enjoyed. TALES OF POE takes classic American literature and treats it with artistic vision and first-class production values. Loud and disorienting - gory and colorful - beautiful and sad, all at once.”           HORROR HOUSE PARTY


“One helluva creepy, claustrophobic, and bat-shit crazy atmosphere from the very first frame. “                    ANYTHING HORROR


“Poe gets modernized adaptations worthy of his grisly legacy. Seriously, this is how you bring the brilliance of Poe into the modern age.”                                   BOYS, BEARS & SCARES


“Conveys the poetic soul of Poe while being its own creation.” 

                                                                                  FOUND IN TIME  


"Tales of Poe is classy, intriguing, suspenseful, and brutal all in one."                                                                    HORROR SOCIETY


BRILLIANT!  8 out of 10 STARS!”  

                                                               GRUESOME  HERTZOGG


“This film has everything: suspense, horror, gore, beautiful locations, stunning costumes, talented acting, spot-on storytelling, and one of the best musical scores I’ve heard in awhile. It kept me wanting more! “                       THROUGH THE BLACK HOLE


Tales of Poe is a thoroughly enjoyable film, and stands as a loving tribute to the work of one of history’s greatest horror writers.”                                                            RUE MORGUE MAGAZINE


"Somewhere between the mystical feel of Cocteau's "Orpheus" and the Gothic horror of Corman's "Tomb of Ligeia" sets a modern classic out of step with what is taken in by today's horror film. "Tales of Poe" calls back the classic days of horror's love affair - a fantastically macabre exploration that pays homage to the Father of Modern Horror. The anthology is strong, above par indie film with quality production value, original concepts, and real flare for the macabre that is addictive. "Tales of Poe" stands out in style and step from the current horror tastes circulating out there now."