BART MASTRONARDI is the creator, writer, director and producer of TALES OF POE. Owner of MastroPiece Productions, Bart wrote and directed "THE TELL TALE HEART", served as cinematographer and co-producer on "THE CASK", and directed and co-wrote "DREAMSwith screenwriter Michael Varrati. Bart teaches camera, lighting, and director's craft at the prestigious New York Film Academy in NYC.  His debut feature film “VINDICATION” received overwhelming accolades from horror icon Clive Barker and has been featured in Fangoria Magazine numerous times. “VINDICATION" played many film festivals worldwide, won awards and has been rated as one of Amazon’s top selling independent horror films upon release. Bart is a featured interview in Sean Abley’s best selling book “Out In The Dark: Interviews with Gay Horror Filmmakers, Actors and Authors”. His credits include cinematography for the highly rated documentary, “Crystal Lake Memories: The Complete History of Friday the 13th”, “The Blood Shed”, “Gallery of Fear," “Razor Days,” “Human," plus various commercials. 
Bart also serves as host, photographer/videographer and co-editor for the New York City Horror Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC. His photography work has also graced the pages of Time Out NY

ALAN ROWE KELLY partnered with Bart Mastronardi as writer, director, editor and co-producer for TALES OF POE. Owner of SouthPaw Pictures, Alan Rowe wrote, directed and stars in "THE CASK", and collaborated as co-producer and production designer on "THE TELL TALE HEART" & "DREAMS."  TALES OF POE marks Alan Rowe's fourth feature as a director. His other films include "Gallery of Fear", "The Blood Shed " & "I'll Bury You Tomorrow". He has appeared in 30 films and received many awards for his acting, directing and editing. Alan Rowe has been featured numerous times in Fangoria Magazine and is interviewed in Sean Abley’s best selling book “Out In The Dark: Interviews with Gay Horror Filmmakers, Actors and Authors”, Mike Watt's "Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self-Restraint" and also serves as host and filmmaker liaison for the New York City Horror Film Festival at Tribeca Cinemas in NYC.

AZMI MERT ERDEM contributes his many talents to  TALES OF POE as cinematographer and lighting director on "THE CASK" and "DREAMS""Mert" has worked as a director,  cinematographer and A.D. on several television series, music videos, features and short films and received various awards from festivals for his writing and directing on "Breathe" and "Narcossist". Collaborating as a video artist for site-specific performances and installation pieces in international platforms,  Mert also works as a videographer for various art platforms and galleries in New York City and Turkey, 


TOM BURNS is the musical maestro behind TALES OF POE. With his company Really Horrible Music, Tom’s original composing, haunting scores and seamless sound design has been the icing on the cake for many independent genre films which include "I’ll Bury You Tomorrow", "The Blood Shed", "Something Just", "Contact" & "Gallery of Fear."   Tom is also part of the pop rock group THE KIMBALLS and is married to actress KATHERINE O'SULLIVAN who also lends her marvelous vocal range to the soundtrack for "DREAMS."

Click here to listen to some of Tom's amazing scores on Sound Cloud!




MICHAEL VARRATI adapted and wrote the screenplay for the TALES OF POE chapter “DREAMS” based on the Edgar Allan Poe poem of the same name. An actor, writer and public relations consultant, Michael is a featured columnist at The Huffington Post, a writer and performer at Peaches Christ Productions and a contributing writer/reviewer at Ultra Violent Magazine. He has appeared in films such as “Razor Days”, “Return to Nuke’Em High Volume 2”, and “Model Hunger” and has been interviewed on various horror/cult themed platforms such as Sean Abley’s Gay of the Dead column for Fangoria Magazine, This Is Horror, Word and Film and Reel Talk. His most recent screenplay The Sins of Dracula is soon to be released by Scorpio Film Releasing and is directed by Richard Marr Griffin.


Nicole is an Executive Producer on TALES OF POE.

AMY LYNN BEST is a director, producer, actress and co-founder of HAPPY CLOUD PICTURES with husband and partner Mike Watt. Amy Lynn has directed “Weregrrl”, “Severe Injuries” and “Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut” and is best known for her appearances in the films “The Resurrection Game”, “A Feast of Flesh”, “Deadtime Stories 2” and the upcoming “Razor Days.” Amy Lynn appears in the "THE CASK" and is an Executive Producer on TALES OF POE.

MIKE WATT is an award-winning filmmaker, author and journalist. Co-founder of HAPPY CLOUD PICTURES with his wife and partner Amy Lynn Best, Mike has directed, written and produced numerous films that include "The Resurrection Game", "A Feast of Flesh", "Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnationand "Razor Days". Mike is best-known for his work as an entertainment writer for Cinefantastique, Femme Fatales, Film Threat, Pretty Scary, The Dark Side, Draculina and served as editor for Sirens of Cinema Magazine. An outspoken advocate for the horror genre, Mike has written numerous novels that include Fervid Filmmaking: 66 Cult Pictures of Vision, Verve and No Self-Restraint , Phobophobia, The Resurrection Game & Suicide Machine. Mike is an Executive Producer on TALES OF POE.

ROBERT A. KUIPER is an Executive Producer on TALES OF POERobert is also the executive producer behind the films Splatter Movie: The Director’s Cut”,  "Demon Divas and the Lanes of Damnationand "Razor Days".

MARCUS A. DE COSTA is an experienced fundraising professional and works with a number of not-for-profit organizations such as Sonnet Repertory TheaterThe High Line ParkRosie’s Theater Kids , and MCC Theater. Marcus is the Director of Annual Giving and Major Gifts at Manhattan’s Trinity School and is a Founding Partner in a fundraising consulting firm. Marcus serves on the Advancement Committee of the New York State Association of Independent Schools, the Development Committee for Play Rugby USA, and is a former Board Member for the Gotham Knights Rugby Football Club. A theatre veteran, Marcus has been involved with  many productions that include "A Chorus Line", "Grand Hotel: The Musical", "How To Succeed In Business Without Really Trying", "Oliver!", "Starmites", "Assassins", and "Into the Woods.A passionate supporter of independent films and the horror genre, Marcus makes his producing debut as Associate Producer on TALES OF POE.